Member Due Structure

Membership Dues

Adults [Full Year] $75
Seniors [Born before October 1st, 1959] $25
Social [no more than three on ice curling sub experiences per year]



Plus League Dues

    Full Year
Eight End League [if goverend by CCC Policy] $150
Six End League [if goverend by CCC Policy] $75
Each Additional League [apply to lesser end league(s)] $50
New Adult Curler Any League [as defined by CCC Policy] $25


Plus Other
 Locker Rental [if/when applicable] $20
Less Pay It Forward Credit
 Tier I Qualifying Club Position/Activity $(50) Each
 Tier 2 Three Qualifying Volunteer Shifts

$(50) Each

  (annual maximum credit cannot exceed League Dues total)  


Non-Member Due Structure

Curling Fees
    Full Year1
 Daytime Curling Only   $100
 Students Club Curling Only [post high school to age 22] $100
 Junior After School Curling Only [elementary school students #
 Junior Early Evening Curling Only [middle school and high school students2 #


Pay It Forward Credit: Each
 Tier I Qualifying Club Position/Activity $(50)
 Tier 2 Three Qualifying Volunteer Shifts




# [Amount set, collected, and administered by Junior Program Coordinator annually]

1 [High school students can curl in one Adult Evening League if space available]

Pay It Forward Program Information for Members

Pay It Forward Opportunities at your Centerville Curling Club

The Pay It Forward Program allows work opportunities completed during the prior season to reduce a club member's dues in the current season. Currently, work opportunities completed September 30, 2019 to Oct. 1, 2020 are factored into the club member's 2020-2021 Season Dues.

To submit work opportunities completed, either....

#1 Fill out a slip on the Pay-It Forward Bulletin Board at the club (above drinking fountain) and return to slot on bulletin board
#2 Contact Lynn Adams to let her know about work completed to be recorded.

To check out what hours you have completed and what dues level you would fall into, contact Lynn Adams or Dan Lilla.

The Board of Directors has identified the following activities as vital for successfully running our club. They are broken up into two Tiers.
1. Tier I includes activities that are a commitment of many hours over many days. These activities earn a full credit by themselves.
2. Tier II includes activities that are a commitment of a roughly 3 hour shift. A member needs to perform 3 Tier II activities to earn the full credit.
**The Board decided to not account for a partial credit. You need to perform 1 Tier I or 3 Tier II activities to receive a credit.**

Tier I – Earns full credit

  • Events Chair
  • League Chair
  • Bonspiel Chair – 2 consecutive years of chairing a bonspiel will also earn free entry into that bonspiel the following year.
  • Open House Chairs
  • Work Opportunities Chair
  • Reverse Raffle Committee Member
  • Club Supply Committee Member
  • Maintenance Committee Member
  • Board of Directors
  • Web Site
  • Club Rentals & Group Scheduling

Tier II – Must work 3 shifts to earn full credit

  • Working at the Club
  • Ice Making
  • Ice Maintenance
  • Reverse Raffle
  • Bonspiel Worker
  • Helping with Outside Curling Groups
  • Kitchen Worker
  • Maintenance Committee Work Projects
  • Open House Worker

***Thanks to everyone who makes this club a special place.*** ***Remember, this is YOUR Centerville Curling Club.***

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